How we help Thales generate leads via a LinkedIn community.

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Client Overview

Thales is French, multinational company that designs and builds electrical systems and provides services for the aerospace, defence, transportation and security markets.

The Challenge

Thales wanted to set up a LinkedIn community for cybersecurity and access management professionals in the Middle East and Turkey region. The purpose of the community was twofold: a lead generation tool and a sentiment barometer. This meant that long term education, brand awareness and sales of specific solutions were of utmost importance.

Solution Delivered

Thales was drawn to us by our track record of building engaged communities on LinkedIn and helping out clients generate leads through this platform, so this is what we did. We set up the group and positioned it as a hub for cybersecurity and access management professionals to gain knowledge and share insights. We then softly promoted Thales’ various solutions amongst non-branded content. We did this to ensure that members didn’t feel like they were being sold to but still understood that their engagement was being facilitated by Thales. Our strategy also included consistent growth of group membership with a highly relevant audience.

Growth Success

At the time of writing, we have grown the group to 260 members in just over a month and have generated 95 unique member engagements. The engagement data is shared with Thales, giving them the opportunity to reach out to these members and engage with them directly with a view of generating marketing qualified leads.

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