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Who We Are


We’re a digital marketing agency specialising in B2B events, and... Urgh. That’s so boring. And that’s not us. You’re putting on a career-defining event. You’re worried people won’t show up.

That’d be the end of the world, right? That’s where we come in. We’re persona-based marketing magicians that get the perfect people through your doors.

Not so boring after all.

What We Do


Managing meetings

Scheduling meetings with quality prospects before your event so your sales team optimises their time.


Virtual Event Promotion

Driving registrations and attendance to virtual events with the same vigour as in-person events.


Acquiring attendees

Event positioning, persona targeting, and conversion optimisation that ensures a packed house.


Enticing exhibitors

Micro-targeting and sales enablement that generates a pipeline that most Sales teams would kill for.

Why Choose Us


Use a sniper, not a scattergun

Targeting the perfect persona for your event. You have an ideal attendee in mind, we know how to find them, and how to make them find you.


Proven practices that get results

Knowing exactly how to get people through your door. You get access to tried and tested techniques, meaning you’ll start seeing results right away.


Your ROI is what really matters

Guaranteeing registration KPIs so you get what you ask for. Want to hit your targets? So do we. We work tirelessly to hit the numbers that you set.

What Our Clients Say

Client - Caroline Carr

Caroline Carr

Head of Marketing, Automechanika Birmingham.

“I thoroughly enjoyed working with The Social Effect on Automechanika Birmingham, particularly seeing their innovative double funnel strategy in action, driving registrations and converting them into visitors. They also helped us generate social media buzz at the event to keep visitors engaged. The results they delivered were outstanding – they delivered over 1600 pre-registrations through Social Media – which was a 43% increase year on year!”

Client - Orson

Orson Francescone


“Working with our partners at The Social Effect, we have rolled out one of the most intricate and targeted digital media campaigns and the results have been very exciting.”


Rob Sherwood

MD, Messe Frankfurt

“As our Social Media partner, The Social Effect has led our campaigns with constant creativity, energy, and talent. Whilst we were previously skeptical about the B2B worthiness of certain channels, The Social Effect have challenged our views and proved that we had B2B marketing opportunities in areas we would not have explored. The Social Effect work in partnership, they live our projects with us, and Regan and his great team are a paragon of customer care and contact.
We work with The Social Effect to drive visitors, convert pre-registrations to visitors, create buzz and work with our exhibitors to drive stand traffic to our events from multiple social media. Channels. They are inventive, creative and bring a sense of humor to a b2b trade event.”


Lisa-Marie Thaden

Program Architect, IDG Germany

“I had the pleasure to work on several projects with The Social Effect. What all projects had in common: great consultancy, dedicated program managers and an overall exceptional client centricity. Programs included lead generation, social selling and event campaigns.”