How we grew Automechanika Birmingham’s social media registrations by 772% in 3 years.


Registrations in 3 Years

How we generated 39 high value opt-in leads for F5 for only $21.73 per lead

Client Overview

Automechanika Birmingham is the leading trade exhibition for the automotive industry targeting trade visitors from the UK and, as one of our longest running client shows, it holds a special place in our hearts.
We were there for their first show in 2016 and stuck around for the 2017, 2018 and 2019 shows (and plan to be there for many, many more).

The Challenge

Back in 2016, the challenge was to launch an unknown brand in the UK. Research was done and the concept was strong, but the history in terms of data was nonexistent and all persona knowledge was still theoretical. This was our chance to create an event marketing digital strategy from scratch and establish a template we could build on in following years.

Solution Delivered

It was through our experience with Automechanika Birmingham that we developed our proprietary double funnel strategy that not only focuses on nurturing prospects through their registration funnel, but also engages with them post registration to increase turnout at the event. This strategy was the seed that led us to our value proposition of “From their first click to your venue door.”

It was also through working with Automechanika Birmingham that we honed our agile project management skills. With the constantly changing digital landscape and user behaviour patterns there is no one strategy guaranteed to work year after year. This is why we take what we’ve learned in previous years as a best practice starting point and iterate on it as results start coming in. Budget from low performing ads and channels get funneled into those generating registrations.

Our Tactics

LinkedIn Advertising
LinkedIn Social Selling
Persona-based Messaging
Agile Project Management

Growth Success

What’s beautiful about our relationship with Automechanika Birmingham is that we’ve been able to improve on our results every year. Not only were we able to increase the number of registrations we generated via social media (predominantly) but we were also able to reduce the cost per registration every year.
  • 2016 Per Registration – £ 46.51
  • 2017 Per Registration – £ 27.24
  • 2018 Per Registration – £ 11.43
  • 2019 Per Registration – £ 9.89






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