Promoting B2B events
in the new normal

As B2B events settle into the new normal, we’ve taken up the task of creating an innovative methodology that works for in-person, hybrid or virtual events. With B2B events no longer limiting themselves to a physical location, it was clear to us that a new way of marketing them was needed.

Why event promotion
needs to change

Increased Competition

Make sure your event stands out as the ONE event your target audience must attend instead of the other 50 your virtual competitors are punting out.

Reaching Beyond Your Database

Events with a virtual component allow you to attract a larger number of your ideal event prospects, but from OUTSIDE your CRM. 50% of your attendees should be NEW, unknown prospects.

Attendee No Shows

Virtual events are known for their high number of no shows. We shift the focus from simply increasing registrations to counter the drop off to keeping attendees engaged after they register to keep their feet warm until the event.

Converting to registration

With so much choice available to them, your target audience needs a compelling reason to commit to registering for your event. If your event’s value doesn’t resonate with them, they’re unlikely to take the bait.

How we combat these challenges

Our event promotion methodology guides event marketers through a structured process to help them increase the volume and quality of their attendees. Our methodology is broken down into four key focus areas:


Effectively conveying your event’s USPs to each target persona.


Optimising landing pages for conversion & keeping registrants engaged until they attend.


Targeting personas and accounts across the web


Using past event Event delivery is built to perform and drive attendee engagement. Event analytics provide deep insights.

B2B events now need to have a 4th phase to counter attendee attrition.

Let’s get you more from your
marketing spend.