B2B needs a new way to
create demand

Remember the good old days when all you needed was a single funnel to nurture leads from unknown prospects to returning clients? Ah, life was so simple back then. Today, the marketing funnel is so complex that many companies struggle to keep track of all the different moving parts.

Sure, each of these moving parts may seem effective in isolation, so why aren’t you closing more business? In Demand Generation, the saying “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts” holds true. If each part of your marketing funnel isn’t working with all of the others effectively you’re losing business.

Our approach to Demand Generation is to look at the full funnel and plug any holes causing you to lose business. Instead of just pumping more budget into advertising, we optimise each part of the funnel to make sure that it’s not only functioning well in isolation, but also with the rest of your funnel. We make sure that you don’t lose potential clients as they move through your funnel.

How we do it:

The LinkedIn Marketing
Suite in Action

Our Demand Generation solution combines the 4 pillars of LinkedIn marketing to create your funnel, fill it with leads, and then nurture those leads to close the deal.

All aspects of our LinkedIn marketing combine to skyrocket your demand gen and maximise your ROI. Each pillar uses different yet complementary content types to nurture prospects through your funnel.

The four pillars:

  1. Social Selling
  2. Ad Suite
  3. Groups
  4. Content Creation

Other Demand Generation specialties:

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