With cyber attacks getting more sophisticated every day, all businesses with sensitive data need an effective cybersecurity solution.



This is a cold hard fact – so it should sell itself, right? If only!

Field marketers wanting to sell cybersecurity know this only too well – far too much time is spent getting in front of target accounts. And this is before you even get to showcase your solution.

If you’re not trying to sell cybersecurity on LinkedIn, you’re leaving your target accounts open for your competitors to swoop in and take them for themselves. Here’s why LinkedIn is the best online sales channel for cybersecurity field marketers:


Target1. Your target accounts are on LinkedIn

Unlike other social media channels like Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn is a platform for businesses. Unless you’re targeting very small businesses that don’t have a social media presence, your target account is guaranteed to be on LinkedIn, as well as a significant number of its employees.


Business Problems2. They’re there to find solutions for business problems

Because LinkedIn is a business platform, people aren’t there to socialise. They’re there to network, educate themselves and, most importantly for field marketers, to find solutions to their business problems. If a Chief Security Officer, Cyber Security Architect or Security Analyst is on LinkedIn, you can bet that they’re open to discussing how they can improve their current security solutions.


Audience3. Target it to the right audience

By far my favourite feature of LinkedIn is its ability to narrowly target the right audience. You can easily identify employees of your target accounts and filter them according to job title, seniority, function, industry and so much more. As far as search functionality, LinkedIn cannot be beaten for its accuracy and relevance. If you try to sell cybersecurity on LinkedIn, then finding them will be incredibly easy.



Personalised 1-on-1 communication4. Personalised 1-on-1 communication

Nothing kills a sale as quickly as an impersonal bulk message. Buyers can feel the insincerity a mile off. With LinkedIn, it’s possible to personalise your communication to include information relevant to your target audience. Call them by their name, refer to their company or their role within their business. The information is freely available on their profile, just waiting for you to use.


GDPR5. Create a GDPR-compliant communication channel with your clients

Heard of GDPR? Of course you have. It’s the inconvenient law passed in 2018 that prohibits anyone from sending marketing email to anyone who hasn’t explicitly opted in. If you target accounts in the E.U. then you’ll know just how much of a nuisance it is.

LinkedIn has a newly refreshed group feature that gives you the ability to create a GDPR-compliant channel to communicate with your clients and prospects. A group can be created around a topic that speaks to your target audience’s interests (cybersecurity or otherwise), and gives you easy access when you want to communicate a specific message to them.


Are you ready to sell cybersecurity on LinkedIn?



Our recent client strategies prove that it’s certainly not a channel to be overlooked. Want more cybersecurity leads from LinkedIn?
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