How to Write Epic B2B Facebook Ads

by Lauren Pitman

by Lauren Pitman

Head of Copy & Creative

Facebook ads for B2B demand generation can deliver massive value at a low cost. If you have your doubts you can see how we put them to good use on integrated campaigns for Tricentis and Touchcast and delivered $10+ million in pipeline.

Despite their power Facebook Ads are often overlooked for B2B, or marketers struggle to get the them to work. In order to help you get the most out of your next Facebook campaign, we’ve put together our tried and test tips  below.


The Bones of The Ad


The most important elements of a Facebook ad, in order:

1.Your value proposition.

It’s everything. If you nail that, your job is 80% done. Stop testing small, insignificant things. 

  • Test your UVP because it’ll give you the biggest lift. 
  • Copy School says that your headline is your value proposition holder. And it makes total sense for video but personally, I read the image first – every time. Test it for yourself: when an ad catches your hard-earned attention, what are you reading first? That will help guide where to place your UVP (headline or image). 


2.The image/video.

This is what gets people to stop scrolling and take notice. 

  • In the early stages of awareness, use images that look more natural – like an organic post. 
  • Towards the end stages of awareness, you can use images that are more obviously branded
  • Use social proof where possible 


3.The body copy.

Ironically, this is the thing we agonize over the most – but it’s the third most important aspect of our ad. 

  • Make your life easier with body copy templates on page 16 here 

Since our value proposition is the most important aspect of our ad, let’s learn how to nail that first🏆 

Often the best way to learn is through examples…

Enter: Value Proposition Rehab

1.Promoting an eBook

Headline & image

  • Don’t tell you why you should care👆
  • The VP is buried in the main text. 

Instead (in the image or headline, if it fits): “Write outstanding emails in as little as 10 minutes a day (even if you’re not a writer)”

2.Promoting a service


  • This was a trick. The headline’s got a great value proposition! 👆

3.Case study promotion


  • What’s the benefit for me & if I don’t know Indochino, it isn’t relevant to me?
  • The VP is buried in the main text….
  • Instead: “How retailers are booking 800+ showroom visits using Unbounce” should be in the headline 

4.Case study promotion


  • Trick – great VP! 👆
  • If BIte Squad isn’t well-known, maybe change it to the target market e.g. agencies 

Hopefully with these tips and examples you can whip your B2B Facebook Ads and their Value Propositions into shape, improve your ROAS and generate the demand you’re aiming for.


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