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This is the story of how we achieved these fantastic results.

With our expertise in lead generation and relationship nurturing, we created “Blended Learning” in partnership with Fuel Education, a highly specialised yet vibrantly engaged social media community and sales arena for personalized & digital pre-K to 12th-grade curriculum delivery.

This is the story of how we achieved these fantastic results.

“The Social Effect has been a true partner in our social marketing efforts and have been with us every step of the way. I personally have learned a lot about social marketing over the last year. We struggle to demonstrate ROI on social media, but the LinkedIn community that the Social Effect has created has a very precise way of truly generating trackable leads. And the team takes a very strategic and pragmatic approach to the project, analyzing and making adjustments in the process every step of the way. I am astounded by the engagement in the community and am proud of the forum we have been able to provide educators to interact and truly collaborate with each other.”

Barbara Sharp

CEO, Divi Inc.

The Strategy

At The Social Effect, we believe successful marketing and sales generation is built through effective two-way dialogue between businesses and their consumers. It’s the reason we’ve chosen the “Know you, Trust you, Like you, Buy you” process on LinkedIn; where we strive to build a virtual space where our members come for the content, but stay for the relationships we build.

For Fuel Education this took the form of the Blended Learning community, positioned, grown and managed for the purposes of lead generation, social selling, prospect database building and the creation of additional marketing channels.

Through highly maintained community management, strong levels of membership engagement and excellent content, we helped Fuel Education journey community members through the “Know you, Like you, Trust you, Buy you” phases in social business development.

Community Management is central to success

Our community manager drives every aspect of the group: their duty begins with recruiting members and concludes with handing over leads, while continually inspiring community member participation using a number of methods.

Positioning the community correctly and targeting the right people to invite is essential – highly targeted communities mean we can provide value and find the most favourable candidates for our client’s offering. Through this process, we can create a win-win situation for both prospects and Fuel Ed.

Continuous Engagement

The Blended Learning community manager connects with each member through a personalised LinkedIn message and members are afterwards guided to discussions which interest them specifically. By tailoring discussions and promoting organic content, we create a sense of community which is highly sought after and a resoundingly important factor in the “Trust You, Buy You” methodology.

We also help our clients engage in the community by creating copy on their behalf so they may post and become a familiar face with members – this increases the success rate for the sales team when we hand over leads, and helps us go above and beyond for our clients.

In order to hand over the right type of lead to Fuel Ed, it is essential that a “tiering” process is introduced to indicate which community members are most likely to be potential leads, with the decision-making authority to sign off on a deal.


We have predominantly focused on LinkedIn for our communities; this is due to the abundance of potential leads available, as well as being able to categorise depending on region and profession. As we work in the B2B space, Linkedin also means we can quickly reach decision makers and other professionals. Additionally, with the accessibility and availability of integrated tools to use on the platform, LinkedIn has also proven the most effective outlet in our social selling strategy.

Twitter is also used in the nurturing cycle. By following community members and sharing useful content, retweeting their posts or providing insights on their blogs, the community manager is further able to create a sense of genuine interest in members and build trust, which feeds back into the Blended Learning LinkedIn community.


Through the use of the “Know you, Like you, Trust you, Buy you” principles, in the span of 9 months we:

  • Delivered 673 Tier 1 leads
  • Grew the community from 490 to 5311 members
  • Of which 53% are Tier 1 prospects that can be converted to leads
  • Maintained an actively engaged community, with an average of 430 Engagement points per month









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