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You’re launching a virtual event at a time where almost all organisers are going virtual.

How are you going to get your ideal audience to register? How sure are you that they’re actually going to “attend”? Why choose your event & not one of the 50 others?

Your guide to Marketing Optimization for Virtual Events (MOVE) will take you step-by-step along our expert process.

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MOVE takes you through the process of marketing your virtual event from start to finish:

  • Position - Effectively conveying your event's USPs to each target persona
    Target - Targeting personas and accounts across the web.
    Convert - Optimizing landing pages for conversion & keeping registrants engaged untilhey attend.
    Tune - Using past event delivery to improve on the marketing of future events. Event analytics provide deep insights.
While each of these quads can be focused on individually, they're most effective when implemented together.
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