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How we generated a potential £630,000 in exhibitor sales for CIPD Festival of Work

Every year, the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) puts on Festival of Work, which gives HR professionals the opportunity to immerse themselves in a world of inspiration and discovery with the purpose of developing the individuals who attend, their teams and their businesses. Our client, Haymarket Media Group, was the agency responsible for organising Festival of Work on behalf of CIPD.


The Challenge

As with any trade show, exhibitors are an integral part of the proceedings and are largely responsible for an event being a financial success. We were brought in to generate sales qualified exhibitor leads for Haymarket’s sales team to lock down.


Using LinkedIn to sell exhibition space is one of our specialties, so we approached it in the same way we do all of our ExProm campaigns - with a combination of LinkedIn Ads and Social Selling. Because the success of an ExProm campaign relies heavily on targeting the right accounts and contacts - in this case, Haymarket was looking for companies offering solutions focused on self development within their respective industries - we started with some intense research on LinkedIn.


After confirming target accounts with Haymarket, we broke the audience down into 8 personas, each of which received unique communication containing the value proposition that we thought would most resonate with them.


  • LinkedIn Advertising
  • LinkedIn Social Selling
  • Persona-based Messaging
  • Agile Project Management

The Results

Our campaign resulted in 79 sales qualified leads, 10 of which were converted into actual exhibitors. Considering the average stand costs about £31,500, the campaign yielded approximately £315,000 in revenue.

The cherry on the cake is that all 10 exhibitors also signed on for 2020’s trade show, essentially doubling the potential revenue generated to £630,000.

Total Leads


Exhibitor Leads Confirmed Closed


Estimated Revenue Generated



Thank you for your hard work in assisting us achieve our exhibitor KPI. Most of our exhibitors renewed their contracts for 2020 and we cannot wait to improve on that next year.


Orson Francescone

Conference Director at Haymarket Media Group



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