4 Ways To Generate More Leads From Webinars

June, 2020

Webinar Marketing

Webinars have been around for years but they’ve understandably gotten a boost in popularity lately. You’ve probably seen quite a few ads for webinars recently yourself. As more and more businesses compete to be seen in the digital event world, it gets harder to generate and convert leads with webinars, hence the importance of a solid strategy to differentiate yourself. Here are 4 ways to generate more leads with webinars even in today’s mid-coronavirus panic:

1. Know who you’re trying to recruit

Webinars didn’t used to be so rigorous. With minimal preparation, you could put together content, cast a very wide net towards a general audience, and have people flow in to see what your webinar was about. The imperatives today are different since online events are significantly more important in your overall marketing strategy. If you’re not absolutely sure who you’re selling to and what their need is, you won’t get many leads or conversions at all. Try building one or more fully detailed buyer persona to get to know your ideal customers, both from a company and individual perspective. Be as creative and specific as you can about their demographics, their problems, and their desires.

2) Promote, Promote, Promote

While it would be tempting to try and promote your webinar everywhere you can, a deep understanding of your target audience will allow you to direct your resources more effectively. Don’t waste your resources for instance on wide ad targeting if you can avoid it. Reach out to relevant online communities, on LinkedIn and beyond. Reach out to a handful of professionals in your network and have one-on-one conversations with them - quality over quantity is important here. From a timing perspective, you should start early but remember to increase marketing as you get closer to the event. According to GoToMeeting.com, 59% of webinar registrations take place less than one week before the event takes place.

3) Create custom, laser-focused content throughout the entire webinar cycle

Here is another area where deep understanding and knowledge about your target is important. You’re going to create highly targeted messaging as if you are speaking directly to that fictional character. Not only should your ads be targeted, but your follow up emails, your webinar content, and every part of your post-event touchpoints too. While the audience expectation is often to have a recording available post-event - thus negating the importance of consuming your content live - you should incentivise engagement during the live event by providing exclusive content or access. You can still record your session and make it available afterwards but be aware of that balance. Sharing such recordings also provides an opportunity for reaching out later, along with any post-event insights.

4) Follow Up Is Everything

Buyers don’t often make purchase decisions on first contact. While one of your goals may be to get conversions or sales from your webinar, the truth is it’s probably just a warm-up meeting aimed at creating brand and product familiarity. Once you increase interest and build trust, you can follow up with your highly qualified leads to move sales opportunities forward. Build a robust and hyper-targeted follow-up funnel for all your webinar attendees. You can improve the effectiveness of your targeting based on touch points such as polls, questions and comments during the live event. Send customised emails to your prospects informed by their engagement profile (another reason why live attendance and engagement is important). You’ll increase your lead gen and possibly maximise opportunities with up-sells.

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Staff - Sinead

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