How to optimise your webinar marketing in the uncertain world of COVID-19

May, 2020

Webinar Marketing

When news first started to circulate about this fast-spreading new strain of Coronavirus we’ve come to call COVID-19, I don’t think anyone really imagined the level of “safer at home” procedures we’d have to undertake, or that our “new normal” would include social distancing measures that would be in place indefinitely. This has left companies that thrive on in-person events in a wild scramble to pivot their business model to online events like webinars.

I’m sure by now you’ve received more than a few invitations to webinars in your inbox or seen quite a few ads on social media for online summits, digital classes, and webinar-style events. With so many options flooding the market, how can your business compete? By answering these 4 questions:

1. How big is your ideal attendee universe online?

Before you even start planning your webinar it’s critical to know exactly how many people there are online that match your ideal attendee criteria. This is for multiple reasons:

  • To know whether there’s enough demand to justify your webinar.
  • To measure the success of your webinar against total potential attendees.
  • To know where to focus your marketing efforts for maximum exposure.

2. How do you attract more of the right people to my landing / registration page?

Now that you know where your potential attendees are online, you need to identify how best to position your webinar to speak to their unique goals and challenges. The most effective way to go about this is to map out a persona (a semi-fictional representation of one of your ideal customers) for each type of person you want to attend your webinar.

Creating personas will help you match your webinar’s unique selling points to the goals and challenges of each persona, which will give them real reasons to attend.

3. How do I get more people to complete the registration form?

If you’ve positioned your webinar well and targeted your ads to the right personas, they’ll make their way to your webinar landing page, which now has the job of getting them to register.

While there are certain best practices, such as making sure your landing page also speaks to the right persona, that should be followed, it’s important to remember that not all audiences respond to the same things. This can even change from month to month, so don’t assume that the landing page template that you used last year will work just as well this year.

It’s critical to continuously test your layout, value proposition, form length, call to action, colours and basically anything else on your page that could influence someone to register.

4. How do I get more people to attend my webinar?

Don’t think that once people have registered that your job is over. The average registration-to-attendance rate is 55% (according to the latest Webinar Benchmarks Report from ON24) - that’s 45% of your audience lost before you even start talking!

Consider how you can keep your registrants engaged leading up to your webinar to entice them to attend. Another tip is to provide something during your webinar that can’t be accessed afterwards - like a prize, giveaway or special piece of content. A lot of people choose not to attend because they know the webinar recording will probably be available after the webinar - so give something valuable to those who attend live.

Give your webinar marketing the attention it deserves

While your webinar should be the star of the show, if no one sees it your effort was for nothing. Answer these 4 questions when planning the marketing strategy for your next webinar and you’ll be set for success.

Alternatively, schedule a free consultation with one of our webinar marketing strategists to get a deeper understanding of how you can increase your webinar attendance.

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