Looking back at 2018 – What a year for The Social Effect!

December, 2018


Did I blink? Where the hell has 2018 gone? It feels like just yesterday I was ringing in the New Year with some champagne on the beach. I guess the year flying by means I must have been having fun!

Before saying goodbye to 2018, I thought I’d reminisce a little about the journey The Social Effect has taken this year. I’ll try to be brief, there were a lot of highlights…


Business highlights


Automechanika BirminghamAutomechanika Birmingham 2018 – The pinnacle of a great year. The campaign we ran for Automechanika Birmingham 2018 was a resounding success with 10% of reservations coming from our efforts on Social Media.
Read our case study.


The Social Buzz AwardsThe Social Buzz Awards – It’s not only us that thought our campaign for Automechanika was a success. Our campaign was nominated for a Social Buzz Award, alongside some major competition including the eventual winner: Dropbox for Business.


Embracing AgilityEmbracing Agility – 2018 was the year we went all in with our agile approach to B2B marketing. We developed a full marketing stack and strategically managed our campaigns to ensure our clients’ budgets were optimised. See our service offering below.



Dedicated marketing teamDedicated marketing team – With the fantastic growth we’d seen over the last few years, it was time to start drinking our own champagne and take our own marketing seriously. Enter Matt, our Head of Marketing – hired to dream big and crack the whip. For now it’s a team of one, but watch this space…


LinkedInLinkedIn Groups are back! – Well, they were never gone, but they might as well have been. After focusing on “more pressing matters” over the last few years, LinkedIn has finally decided to prioritise Groups again. Hopefully this lets them catch up to us again. Join the B2B Event Marketing Tribe group to see what we mean..


The introduction of exhibitor marketingThe introduction of exhibitor marketing – After spending most of our time helping trade show organisers and conference producers attract visitors and attendees to their events, it was time to show exhibitors some much needed love. We developed a solution that helped exhibitors attract more and better leads to their booths. I can tell you, they were very pleased with the results.


New website launchNew website launch – A fresh coat of paint to our website brought it into 2018 (just in time for 2019). Since you’re reading this on our blog, you already know what it looks like now – isn’t it nice?


New analytics serviceNew analytics service – One of the most important aspects of event marketing is also one of the most underutilised: website analytics. We dabbled with it in 2017 but it’s now grown into a fully fledged service that helps B2B event marketers optimise their websites, know where their leads are coming from, and generate more registrations. The benefits for event marketers are so massive that I’m really not sure what took us so long!


Employee highlights

With a name like The Social Effect, I can’t end the blog without catching you up on our fantastic staff – they are the lifeblood of the brand after all.





New employees – Every new year brings new faces, and this year we got some mighty fine additions. Welcome to the team Matthew, Matt, Sulaiman, and Grafton (that’s right, 50% of our new hires are named Matthew!).


Interns – The Social Effect loves discovering new talent and 2018 was our best year yet. We’re so impressed with our interns Amie, Nonto & Khanyisa! They have bright futures ahead of them and already feel like part of the family.

AmieNonto Khanyisa


Marriages – What would life be without a little romance? Congratulations to Husain and Elisah for getting married this year (not to each other!). We wish you all the happiness in the world (for better or worse).




New arrivals – And taking their families to the next stage by welcoming adorable, cute, beautiful, gorgeous babies into their lives is Grafton and Young. Don’t worry,. I’m sure you’ll be able to sleep through the night again soon.




Team Building – Nothing makes a team closer than locking them in a room together! For the Social Effect’s birthday this year, the team went to Hint Hunt and put their puzzle solving escape skills to the test. Let’s just say, our skills lie more in digital marketing than they do in escaping…

Team BuildingTeam Building


I could ramble on for hours about 2018, what a great year, but that about sums up our year. Thank you for being part of our journey and here’s to an even better 2019!



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