List of the best virtual event platforms

March, 2020


Last Updated 31 Aug 2020

The only list of virtual event platforms you’ll need to survive 2020


We’re passionate about events.

We love everything about it.

We’re also passionate about helping those who organise, exhibit at, and attend events.

The recent global health crisis has seen an increased interest in virtual events.

We’ve worked with virtual events for a while now and, because we love when event professionals succeed, we’ve compiled this handy list of virtual event platforms you can use to launch your B2B event.

Whether it’s a summit, roundtable, trade show, webinar or conference, you’ll find the right platform here.

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Your platform choices are:

    • 6Connex: If you’re looking to launch a virtual conference or job fair, set up a virtual classroom, or even just hold an online meeting, this platform will be able to help.

    • Adobe Connect: Arguably the most well-known platform for virtual events, Adobe Connect is used to connect 2.5 million people each month!

    • AltspaceVR: If you’re looking to get a bit more Sci-Fi, try this platform out. They host events using Virtual Reality (VR) technology, and even have a 2D option for those without fancy headsets.

    • BigMarker: This is browser-based software for webinars, summits & virtual conferences.

    • Brella: They’ve been enabling virtual events since 2016, and recently announced updates to the platform that would support events that were 100% online.

    • Cisco Webex: With a focus more on enabling remote workers, this platform is also great for conferencing, webinars & virtual meetings.

    • ClickMeeting: An easy-to-use, customizable webinar platform.

    • Crowdcast: An interactive platform for live videos, Crowdcast is perfect for hosting, say, a live Q&A session for your conference that can then be forwarded to those who couldn’t make it.

    • Easy Virtual Fair: If you’re looking for a fun software vendor for hosting your trade show, this is the one for you.

    • ezTalks: Here’s an innovative virtual conferencing platform that also provides you with hitech hardware according to your needs.

    • GDS: The GDS Group hosts world-class Meet the Boss events - intimate, closed-door roundtable discussions with top players from across industries. They also have a dedicated virtual platform for you to do the same.

    • GoToWebinar: This is reportedly the most trusted webinar platform out there - they claim to have over 50,000 customers.

    • Samaaro: This virtual events platform offers various features and unlimited customisation that can be leveraged by event organisers to engage their audience, facilitate networking and boost the ROI from the event. 

    • Hexafair: They offer services across the entire lifecycle of your virtual event - from conceptualisation to post-event analysis. 

    • HeySummit: Particularly for those of you who love virtual summits, this one is great because of its integration capabilities with other tools, like YouTube, BigMarker & Zoom.

    • INXPO: They claim to be the “world's leading enterprise video-streaming platform”, servicing 157 countries. 

    • iVent: They’ve been delivering high-class virtual events for many years now, and also specialise in hybrid events.

    • LearnBrite: If you’re into using online platforms & Virtual Reality (VR) for teaching opportunities, this is for you.

    • Livestorm: A live video conferencing platform, they have a free option available without need for a credit card.

    • MaestroConference: If you’ve ever been to a lively conference, you’ll know how invigorating a breakout session can be - MaestroConference specialises in tech that replicates this in virtual space.

    • Matchbox Virtual Media: Their method for creating virtual events that drive high engagement is based on a feedback loop model - they’ve been experiencing a high volume of requests due to the recent global health crisis.

    • Ubivent: Developed in-house by Meetyoo Conferencing, this is a specialised platform for virtual events.

    • MegaMeeting: A comprehensive web-based platform with services starting from as little as $19/month.

    • Moot: Take the collaborative power of Slack one step further - into Virtual Reality! 

    • ON24: Get personalized landing pages & more to spice up your virtual event. 

    • Pando™: A highly innovative platform for interactive virtual meetings complete with a moderator, multiple cameras, control room, and full production studio.

    • PGI - GlobalMeet: Host a virtual event with one of the products offered by this software provider.

    • Remo: No required download and a quick & easy startup sounds great, doesn’t it?

    • Run The World: If you want to kick off a virtual event, but don’t have the time to design all the necessary interfaces, why not just go with a cute (and well-designed) template?

    • Teooh: Imagine a virtual event where each attendee has an avatar that they’ve customized to look exactly as they wish… is this the World of Warcraft of events?

    • vConferenceOnline: If you’re filled with ideas on virtual events, but unsure how to make them a reality, speak to these guys.

    • vFairs: Host a virtual trade show, implement live Q&A, and have top-notch customer support 24/7 - sound great?

    • Virtway Events: Get ultra-realistic 3D virtual events using the latest tech.

    • VTOUR: If you've been searching for a seamless and easy-to-use platform, here's the latest. Your event can be accessed from the web or app on any device with the support of Augmented Reality (AR).

    • WorkCast: Get a free 15-minute webinar, and who knows? Maybe you’ll end up using their platform to deliver a virtual event to 50,000 people!

We’ll be updating this list as we hear about new technologies in this sector so be sure to check back from time to time to discover new options.

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