How to use personas in your B2B event’s email marketing strategy

November, 2018

Email marketing, even now that GDPR is in full effect, is still one of the most effective channels for getting attendees to register. Unfortunately, most email marketing these days is still not based on the personas of the people in the database – shocking, I know! So there’s quite a lot of heavy lifting needed from event marketers to maximise the ROI they get from their email marketing campaigns.

If the average event has 5-10 key personas and your database isn’t segmented into these personas, then this is where you need to start. Every contact in your database should be tagged according to the persona that best describes them. Are they a busy CEO with buying power or a head of IT looking to streamline processes?

The narrower you can make your persona descriptions, the more effective your email marketing will be. I’ve seen email campaign’s open and click-through rates triple after segmenting the database into personas.


Marketing Strategy


Just don’t fall into a strategy loop where you spend so much time on segmenting your database that you have to rush your email creation and fumble the messaging.

Now, sometimes when I suggest an event marketing manager segment their email list, they tell me that it’s already their best performing channel. So there’s no need to use personas. If that’s the case for you, consider how many MORE registrations you can get by tailoring your messages to the audience most likely to respond to them. It’s a no brainer!

A lesser considered advantage to segmenting your database is that your new targeting lists can be used to create custom/matched audiences Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google Adwords, allowing you to tailor your paid media to your personas as well.

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