How to reach your personas on Facebook

November, 2018

Facebook is a great place to get your B2B event out there, but there are so many people active on the social network. There are 2.23 billion monthly active users on Facebook, but not all of them are in your target market. If you’re putting on an IT show, you want to be sure not to market to florists, because they are not going to attend your event.This is where your personas come in. You NEED to look at the people that match the personas you’ve created – isn’t that what a personas is for? To reach the audience you want at your event.

There are a few ways in which you can ensure that you have targeted the right people on Facebook.


Audience InsightsAudience Insights

Facebook Insights is perfect to help you streamline your targeting. With this tool you can pull information such as demographic, page likes, location, language, Facebook usage and a few others. Match the information with your ideal personas and voila you’ve got a target audience!


Facebook Groups

You could have many, many personas that could possibly attend your B2B event. Each persona has their own set of interests, fears, hopes and dreams. This means that they don’t respond to the same type of information. For example, one may be interested in IT, and another may be interested in gardening.

Facebook GroupsThat’s why having separate groups for each persona interest is best. You may have one group for people interested in IT and another in gardening. This way you’re able to send out content that appeals to each persona’s. Each person will feel as if you know them, and a budding relationship can begin.


Custom Audience

There are a few different ways to create a custom audience. The two that I have listed here are the most effective ways to reach your personas. This means that you can use your current audience to create a more targeted list.

Custom Audience

Sales Funnel1. Filters

One way to build your custom audience is with filters. These filters allows you to either include or exclude certain aspects.

A few of the filters includes gender, location and intertest. This makes selecting the right audience 10 times easier with better results!


Mailing List2. Mailing List

If you have a mailing list, you can easily create a custom audience. No fuss and no hassle! It’s as simple as importing that list into Facebook. This list is then compared to the email addresses of Facebook users to compile the perfect audience target list!


Lookalike Audiences

What makes lookalike audiences such an effective way to target your personas on Facebook is that you can reach a new audience that has been modelled on one of your existing custom audiences. This significantly increases your chances of people who are likely to be interested in your event.

Lookalike Audience


Using a previously created custom audience you can create an audience tailored to your needs. Each prospect is more than likely willing to attend your event because they have similar fears, hopes and dreams to your current base.


Tracking Pixel

Tracking PixelOnce added to your B2B event’s website, the Facebook pixel can help you track certain events, including what pages people are visiting. Not only that, but you can then retarget these people using Facebook Advertising. And it you tailor your advertising to the topics on the pages that they visited and your message is much more likely to resonate with them. This will make analytics so much easier.

Personas filter into every part of your marketing and make getting B2B event visitors sooo much easier. Personas and Facebook seems to be a match made in the digital -hehe- and helps you create the perfect target audience. Since I started using personas, my marketing has gone so much smoother and so will yours!


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