Are you drowning beneath the virtual event tidal wave?

April, 2020

Virtual Events

How many webinar or virtual event invites have you had in your inbox this week? How many virtual event ads have you seen in your LinkedIn or Facebook feeds?

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably had a small tidal wave of virtual event invites barrelling at you. And this tsunami of virtual events is only getting bigger and bigger.

Check out this Google Trends chart showing the rise of virtual event searches over the last quarter.


It’s interesting to see the decline in search in April. The world is clearly moving on from ‘how do I pivot’ mode into virtual event planning and production mode.

My feeling is that the great virtual event pivot has got a far greater challenge than what event platform to choose or which virtual format to go with.

With your potential B2B event prospects already Zoomed out, webinar exhausted and drowning in virtual events invites, you’re mistaken if you think it’s your virtual event producer who will be responsible for a successful event - it will actually be your marketing team!

In this virtual event world we find ourselves in today, the normal “if I build it, they will come” event marketing mediocrity will be disastrous.

Is a well-planned, produced and executed virtual event without the right quality and volume of attendees a successful event? Of course not!

To revise an old saying: "If a tree falls during a virtual event and there’s no one attending to hear it, does it matter what platform you used?"


If you want to market your event with finesse - here’s how:

Let’s start at a high level - these are the first five questions you need to ask yourself (I’m sorry, there are going to be a LOT of questions that need answering if you want to market your virtual event effectively).

  1. How big is the potential market/audience for your event?
  2. What % of this audience can you get to your virtual event website or landing page?
  3. What % can you get to click on register now?
  4. What % can you get to complete the registration process?
  5. What % will be “no shows” to your virtual event?

Each answer to these questions gives you a data point to focus your conversion rate optimisation (CRO) strategy on. Every % that you increase, will show exponential growth in the number of attendees who show up at your event.


Screenshot 2020-04-23 at 15.39.32


NB Conversion Rate Optimisation is the MOST important skill anyone marketing events needs to be learning right now! If you’re furloughed or have time on your hands, check out this CRO course on Udemy (it’s only $15).

Armed with these five data points you need a strategic and tactical framework to help you gain percentage improvement at each point in your virtual event prospects’ journey - from their first click to virtual event attendance.


Let me introduce you to MOVE (Marketing Optimization for Virtual Events).

MOVE is a 360-degree, marketing framework that guides virtual event marketers through a structured process to help them increase the volume and quality of their attendees at their virtual events.




MOVE is based on four equally important QUADS.

  • Position: Helps you unlock your event prospects MOTIVATIONS to create an irresistible WHY for your event.
  • Target: Helps you to micro-target personas with the right messaging on the right platforms.
  • Convert: Helps you optimize your event marketing funnel (from first click to attendance).
  • Tune: Helps you select, understand and use the right historic data to improve attendance and your next virtual event.

SMART DATA = (Agile + Data) underpins everything in MOVE and throughout the QUAD framework. We recommend an always-on approach to analysing, understanding and using data to test assumptions and the interconnectivity between the QUADS.

If you would like to use the MOVE framework please click here to get your MOVE guide.

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