B2B persona targeting for B2B events

October, 2018

Once you’ve set up your personas and messaging for each of your persona groups you’ll need to decide on the best B2B persona targeting tactics to get the right message in front of the right personas.

Before jumping straight into B2B persona targeting tactics, let’s first double check that the channels we choose are where each persona spends their time digitally.

Research first! B2B persona targeting second.

NB – You should know your target personas better than anyone, so are probably in tune with where they spend their digital time and what channels will work best for B2B persona targeting. However, as we see massive decline in email effectiveness (GDPR or not) it’s a worthwhile exercise to test your assumptions and make sure your B2B persona targeting still reaches them on the best channels.

There are various research tools that we use to select channels/platforms to target specific persona groups.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator, for example, shows you what % of your target audience was active (posted something) on LinkedIn over the last 30 days. Typically, if we see a % of 10% or higher we would add LinkedIn to our targeting strategy.

Sales Nanigator

We also recommend using content engagement research. The below examples show what social platforms have the most engagement. For the below examples we are usingwww.epicenter.epictions.com.

With Epicenter you can search using specific keywords related to your target personas and the platform will guide you on what channels are getting the most engagement. This is a strong indicator on where your targeting strategy should focus.

Social ChannelsLook at specific persona-based articles using Epicenter to learn which platforms are getting the best engagement.

Another great and free research tool is www.similarweb.com, I would highly recommend any digital marketing professional to download their Chrome extension.

Let’s say I’m targeting CIOs for my event, I’ll find a major website that’s dedicated to that specific persona and research where they’re getting most of their traffic from.

popularity By ChannelBusiness


A more detailed view can be obtained directly from www.similarweb.com (as opposed the Chrome extension) once you register.

Besides direct, paid and organic channels, what’s interesting is the email % vs the social %. As event marketers normally put email down as their number one channel, the below stats should guide you to increase your social focus when targeting CIO’s.

Channels Overview

A further break down of the highest traffic producing social channels.

Social Traffic

Now looking at Cyber Security.


Another research tool for your arsenal is www.rivaliq.com (their 14-day free trial is adequate for this type of research). Load 5 target companies that would be targeting your persona group.

If you were putting on a Medical Device event, the below insight would indicate that Instagram is getting a high degree of engagement. Do you add Instagram into your targeting strategy?

Cross Channel EngagementBetween what you already know about the digital habits of your target personas and through research you should now have a channel targeting strategy based on precisely where you know you’ll find your personas.

In future blogs, I’ll be outlining some of the most cost efficient digital marketing tactics to reach your personas on each major channel.


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