B2B Event Persona Template: Create personas like a pro

January, 2019

When it comes to marketing a B2B event, personas are incredibly useful. They help you put a face to the anonymous potential visitors you’re targeting.



The trick is taking what you know about them and putting it down on paper in a way that’s easy for your colleagues, partners and sponsors to understand.
Our strategists have put together an easy-to-use persona template to help you describe your ideal B2B event attendee (download your free B2B event persona template here). The info graphic below is an example that explains the different information you’ll need to note down in your B2B event persona template.



We’ve used our B2B event persona templatefor many clients.



Ready to get started? Download your free, editable B2B event persona template.

Or, if you want help from the experts, get in touch.
We absolutely love putting together personas.

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Eric Louw
Eric Louw

Eric Louw


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