A look back at 2019 - a year packed with growth & change.

January, 2020


It’s a new decade and 2010 still feels like it was only 5 years ago - or is that just me?

At The Social Effect, we like to start the new year with a little reflection of the progress we’ve made over the previous 12 months. Buckle down for some festive sappiness.

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Some feel-good highlights:

Our website 2.0 3.0: If you’ve been following our blog (why wouldn’t you? It’s great), you’ll know that we’re all about agility. This comes through in our work and also in how we present ourselves, so when we feel that something isn’t working (or could work much better), we change it. On that note, what do you think of our sweet new look?

Aligning our B2B Events chakras: We’ve found the area of B2B marketing that we can produce amazing results in, and that we’re excited to work in (find examples of this amazing work below). Finding that balance between what you love and what will produce results is crucial to creating a work environment that everyone wants to be a part of. B2B Events is what we’re good at, and it’s where we’ll be focusing our genius.

Moving into a swanky new office: Our Cape Town team moved into a bigger space this year - sacrificing a balcony for more space in which to flex our digital muscles is a worthy trade-off. Not a bad home-away-from-home, hey?

Our team made us really proud this year. Here’s why:

Drive World | ExProm: Launching a new trade show is tough. Established ones already have a rolodex of exhibitor prospects that they can get in touch with, but reaching out to new ones and creating that rolodex can be a nasty challenge.

At The Social Effect, we thrive off of challenges.

Drive World had a goal of reaching out to suppliers across automotive electronics & embedded systems. They wanted us to generate 38 net new leads that their sales team could get in touch with. We delivered an impressive 54 net new leads in 8 weeks. 

Reach Health Expo Iraq | ExProm: This is the Iraq Ministry of Health’s exhibition & conference for encouraging foreign investment in the country’s health & environment industries. They wanted exhibitors (as you know, a trade show’s primary revenue source). Our mission? To deliver 25 leads to them in 2 weeks. 

The result? Being the overachievers that we are, we outperformed the KPI by 60% and delivered 40 leads. 

How’s that for BDE? (Google it).

More case studies for perusal: We’ve done (and will continue to do) some impressive work with big names like UBM and Messe Frankfurt. The case study section of our blog will be updated in the future with more in-depth looks at what we’ve achieved and how we got there. This could help you in your own events marketing - subscribe to get notified when we upload a new case study.

Bigger isn’t always better - but our team is now both:

Our data specialist, Young, welcomed baby #2, while our Crayon Evangelist (i.e. graphic & web designer), Zaid, welcomed a beautiful little girl into his life. I promised I wouldn’t gush, but look at how cute they are!

TSE 2019 Review - Blog post Images-02-1

Our brilliant digital marketing intern, Helga, made us burst with pride (and maybe shy away a little in awe of her intelligence) by graduating with a BSc in Biotechnology. Part of the magic of The Social Effect is that we have input from all kinds of backgrounds & disciplines informing our methods. Pretty cool, hey?

TSE 2019 Review - Blog post Images-03

The Social Effect welcomed 12 new recruits to the squad this year! In order of oldest to newest (and left to right), they are: Devon, Joseph, Ronald, Zolisa, Ariana, Helga, Berdene, Sergei, Cairn, Takudzwa, Tsitsi and Nick. Don’t let their endearing & youthful exteriors fool you - they’re masters of events marketing.

TSE 2019 Review - Blog post Images-04

New decade, new me

This year was undoubtedly a massive game-changer for The Social Effect. We’ve grown, we’ve moved, we’ve upskilled, and we’ve focused our approach. 

The coming decade seems ripe for the fruits of B2B events and, if your mouth is watering for some ROI-pie, you’ll trust us to help you with that harvest. 

Happy new year, everybody!

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