7 ways Feathr can get more visitors to your B2B event

December, 2018

Before you get the wrong idea, Feathr is not something plucked from a bird to tickle your potential visitors into submission, it’s an online platform that helps you target and re-target audiences to ensure that they register and attend your B2B event. It captures all the data any B2B event organiser and marketer needs to run a successful registration campaign. Thanks to its amazing features, Feathr can take some time to get used to, but that’s what we’re here for.

Here are just 7 of the ways Feathr can help you attract more visitors to your B2B event.


website behaviour

1) Track Website Behaviour

With Feathr’s expert coding, you can track the behaviour of the people who’ve visited your B2B event’s website. It tracks individual behaviours such as the pages visited. Feathr then scores each visitor based on their relevant engagements.

These visitor scores allow Feathr to target the visitors that are relevant to the B2B event you’re marketing. This means that you’re targeting people that aren’t only interested in your event, but also people that match your personas.


registration_behaviour 2) Track registration behaviour

When a potential event attendee fills out a registration form, Feathr is able to track and save their post registration behaviour. When the registration form includes interest fields, this data can be used in a retargeting campaign, which can be used to reduce no shows.



3) Create a custom audiences

Personas should be an important part of your marketing campaign. If you already have a list of potential visitors, you can import the list and target them with adverts tailored to their interests.


audiences 4) Create lookalike audiences

Taking custom audiences one step further, Feathr allows you to create a custom audience based on the demographics, interests and preferences of your uploaded custom audiences. This can help you reach a significantly larger audience of new prospects without spamming people with no interest in your event.



5) Geofence your event, other event or nearby area

Feathr’s geofencing capabilities truly get me excited. If used smartly, you can target people present at your event and entice them to a specific booth, event or activity, but you can also use it to market to people attending other events that attract your target audience. Once you break out of the “only geofence my event” way of thinking, a world of geo marketing opportunities open up to you.


Super Pixel 6) Implement their Super Pixel

I’m sure you already know about the Facebook pixel that you add to your website to track user behaviour and create retargeting audiences, but now I’d like to introduce you to Feathr’s Super Pixel. In concept, it’s very similar to Facebook’s pixel, but in practice, it’s significantly more powerful (as you’d expect a super pixel to be).

With the ability to custom write, you can tell the pixel exactly what behaviour you want to track. This allows you to not only retarget people based on what pages of your website they’ve visited, but also the pages they have NOT visited. So, if someone registers on your website two months before your event and doesn’t return, it’s time to start retargeting them to remind them that the event is coming up and drive them to pages with information that could further entice them to show up.

Exhibitors’ audiences

7) Leverage your exhibitors’ audiences

Offering your exhibitors value adds like a custom landing page not only increases the value they get out of your event, but it also gives you the ability to advertise to people who visit that landing page. It really is a win-win: your exhibitors get an attractive page on your website to entice visitors to their booths, and you can attract more visitors to your event (which means even more visitors for your exhibitors).


Feathr has a huge array of possible ways you can target your personas! And that’s just sensible marketing, don’t you think?

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