6 ways to tweet the right peeps

December, 2018

If you’ve been reading this series of blogs, personas should be an intrinsic part of your marketing campaigns on email, Facebook and LinkedIn. So let’s explore how you can use Twitter to target your B2B event personas.

Twitter persona

1) Create separate profiles for each persona

Different people have different needs, wants and fears and so should each of your personas. This means that different content appeals to each of them. In order to give relevant information to each persona, creating SEPARATE profiles for each interest is be a very good idea! Relevant information lets the audience know that you care about their interests!


Industry influencers2) Industry influencers

An industry influencer is someone who’s in the know will all industry news, tips, tricks and trends. They’re the people that others look to for guidance. Becoming one takes a lot of dedication – dedication that your followers will later come to appreciate.

While you’re working on becoming an influencer, try to attract influencers to your event! They drive trends around the industry and if a single tweet goes out saying that they’re attending your event, your audience will scramble to register.




3) #Hashtags

Using hashtags is a big part of being on Twitter, I can’t remember a time when social media didn’t use hashtags (I’ve even been caught saying them out loud from time to time). With relevant hashtags, you can group your tweets with others on the same topic.

This will help your content reach more people. Not only that, but it will reach more relevant people because it will appear to people who search for that hashtag.

With the right hashtag and the right content, you’ll start to see registrations tick up for your B2B event.


Join conversations4) Join conversations

Interacting with followers shows that you care about them – and that always goes a long way. Joining conversations is the best way to do this. It’s good to remember that the more people who see mentions of your handle, the more people would recognise your name in future.

By offering your expertise to people who match your personas on Twitter, you’ll be visible to their followers, who are likely to follow you to keep getting that expertise. And with some nurturing, may just register for your B2B event.




5) Filters

Twitter allows you to filter your audience to ensure that you’re reaching the right people. Filters allow you to use your persona’s demographics, interests and preferences to target the perfect visitors for your B2B event.

You can target Twitter users through

  • demographic information such as age, location and gender
  • behavioural targeting based on online and offline behaviour
  • event targeting, which allows you to browse Twitter’s events calendar and target attendees of events similar to yours
  • interest targeting which allows you target the interests that align with your B2B event

Twitter also offers keyword targeting and follower targeting, but that could be an entire blog on its own! 


audeince6) Lookalike Audiences

Just like on Facebook, on Twitter you can target audience members that are similar – or look like – one of your personas. Twitter’s algorithm looks for similarities of behaviour, interests and location to help you increase your audience size.


These tools, combined with your personas will help you target the audience that you would like at your event.

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